Gender diversity in the recruitment sector – still work to be done reveals new report

Almost 30% of recruitment firms have less than 5% female leaders at board level. An analysis of female representation within the profession by Women in Recruitment found. Women in Recruitment’s new benchmarking report reveals that representation at board level is in single digits for many firms despite the majority of firms having more than 50%Continue reading “Gender diversity in the recruitment sector – still work to be done reveals new report”

Body Image Pressures In The Work Place

When employers look to identify what may be the cause of work-related pressures, they naturally focus on work-life balance, team dynamics and even harassment.

Do You Know What A Healthy Blood Pressure Reading Is?

Nearly two-thirds of the population are ignoring THE simplest step in reducing their risk of stroke, heart attack or heart failure by not knowing their blood pressure numbers – according to a new national survey by Blood Pressure UK to mark Know Your Numbers! Week 2018: 10-16th September.

Why ‘VULVA’ Needs To Be In Your Vocab!

Would you know your vag from your vulva? Your mons pubis from your perineum? fanny, foof, fairy… there are words galore that are used to describe female genitalia, but in 2018, it’s still a taboo subject and i say it’s time to change that!