‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ – Maya Angelou

I provide a range of flexible and highly engaging training programmes and workshops which aim to improve the confidence of educators and the quality of RSHE.

From 90 minute twilight sessions, face to face training, online networking to consultancy projects. I have a number of CPD options available to suit times and budgets.

Popular Training

Consent and Pizza
In this fun, upbeat and engaging 90 minute workshop for educators, I open up a discussion around consent and how we can find cool and confident ways to explore this with teens in the classroom and in the community.
Prices from £360

Is this sexual harassment?
A great 90 minute session which supports educators and youth workers understanding of sexual harassment and enables them to discuss the topic more confidently with teens.
Prices start from £360

Sex Ed for Grown Ups
Most educators received little to no sex education at all and yet they now have a role to deliver this confidently and passionately to the young people they teach and work with. In this full day workshop I take you back to school and provide you with the sex education you missed out on. Bringing you up to date with all of the things including naming parts of the body, up to date terminology, and young peoples sexual health.
A one day training course is from £900

From ghosting, to being left on read, having your bf/gf name in your bio. There’s so much to learn about young people, social media and their relationships online. This half day workshop helps educators and youth workers keep up to date with the trends and terminology which can help keep young people safe online.
Half day courses start from £500

Other training options available include: engaging and informative workshops for parents, confidence boosting sessions for staff and shadowing opportunities for RSE teams. I also provide consultancy and partnership work and packages.

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