MUSH is a free parenting social media app which has been described by some as a ‘Tinder for mums’ – the GPS and shared interests features help to link parents with potential friends.

This must-have app has already helped to make 250,000 successful connections in the UK and beyond since its launch in May 2016.

The Mush story began with two Mums, Sarah, and Katie. They met in a playground, describing themselves, at the time as ‘mateless’ and they soon became great friends, keeping each other (and their kids!) sane, they went on to set up Mush a year later.

I spoke to Katie Massie-Taylor one of the co-founders at Mush, to find out more.

Katie said: ‘I met Sarah in a rainy playground a couple of years ago, with identical aged kids and desperate for adult conversation. Our friendship was a lifesaver.

‘After the baby haze wore off, we were doing some research and found that 80% of new mums were feeling lonely. We then looked into how people make friends and noticed that NCT was the only obvious thing coming up, which is wonderful, but it costs money!

‘We wanted all mums to have the chance of building their local mum group. We thought that an app should exist for mums to meet, and sought to make it happen’.

Katie says the app, which has been described as a ‘tinder for mums’ gets a little misunderstood, But admits, that a dating app for mum friends is an accurate description. She explains: ‘We are more than that though; a messaging platform and place to share recommendations and meetups. And we have some very funny and useful content on there to make mums laugh too’.

The two women have been bowled over by the reaction of mums and the stories people started sharing about friendships they had made from the app. Katie said: ‘We knew at this point that Mush could be the go-to app for mum friends. We now have over 100,000 mums in the UK that have joined, 15,000 in Australia and 5,000 in the US’.

The app will be rolling out two new features which include recommendations of local mum places and better group messaging. It will also soon include dads, giving them a dedicated sign up process, and allowing mums to choose whether they want to see all parents or just mums. Mush recognising that Dads need a network too!