My Daughter Was A Victim Of Child Sexual Exploitation

Between 1997 and 2015 over 1400 children and young people were sexually exploited in Rotherham. Since then, cases in Telford, Rochdale, Oxford, and Newcastle have also made the front pages. One mother bravely shares her story and calls for more to be done to help protect our girls.

Mush, The New Tinder Style App For Mums

MUSH is a free parenting social media app which has been described by some as a ‘Tinder for mums’ – the GPS and shared interests features help to link parents with potential friends.

Could GIRLBOSS Be The Kick-Up The A$$ You Need!

Sophie Amoruso is founder and CEO of the fashion brand and store Nasty Gal, her book #GIRLBOSS was one of the New York Times bestsellers when it was first released in 2014. Described as a ‘compelling motivational read’ by the Telegraph and ‘the book you need in your life’ by Marie Claire.

How I Explained Cancer To My Children

HOLDING difficult conversations with your children is all part of being a good parent, but nothing can prepare you for the deep heartache faced, when you have to tell your children you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Maternity Pay For UK Mum’s Is Among The Worst In Europe

THE Trade Union Congress (TUC) ranked UK statutory maternity pay amongst the worst in Europe after it came 22nd out of 24 countries. Only Ireland and Slovakia have worse “decently paid” entitlements. Decently paid is defined as two-thirds of a woman’s salary or more than £840 a month.